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Forty years ago two young Dutchmen decided to join forces and form an acoustic blues group. The duo Greyhound was born.

Sjoerd Heijda (vocals, guitars and occasionally piano or mandolin) and Klaas Vermeulen (harmonica) were diggin' deep into the rich heritage of classic African American blues and interpreted songs written by Big Bill Broonzy, Tarheel Slim, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee and Jim Brewer. They also started creating their own songs. Soon they performed all over The Netherlands and they even inked a record deal. They never finished that album due to personal reasons and lost sight of each other for a while. Both remained active in a variety of musical settings. In 1995 they contributed four songs to No Less Than Wireless, an anthology with acoustic blues from The Netherlands. Sjoerd opened for Marianne Faithfull at Carré in Amsterdam and Klaas performed at countless blues festivals, including North Sea Jazz, Ribs & Blues and Drijf-In Blues.

In 2013 they travelled through the USA together in search of blues and it's related music. During that trip they decided to record their first full album together. Right after a second trip to the States four years later they started work on this album. That same year they both celebrated their 60th birthday.

After four decades here's the first Greyhound album. I'm sure you'll agree that it's been worth the wait.

Sjoerd Heijda musically developed himself in a various way. He's a singer/songwriter for more than forty years and plays a lot of instruments.

Although he plays more styles of music, however the blues is his favorite.

A highlight in his musical career is a performance in 1995 as a support act for Marianne Faithfull in the Amsterdam theatre Carré.

Klaas Vermeulen plays harmonica. In his teens he came into contact with blues harmonica. He improved his skills on the instrument by playing gigs with musicians like Rob Hoeke, Shakey Sam, Hans Dulfer and Harry Muskee.

He played on prestigious festivals like Norh Sea Jazz, Ribs & Blues etc.

Blues remains his first passion, but for an example, he also recorded with the Ghanaian musician Black Prophet.


Album release at pop stage Hedon Zwolle

The two musicians Sjoerd Heijda and Klaas Vermeulen met each other at the first time in 1978. There was an immediately match between them. Fanatically they started making a playlist with songs by Big Bill Broonzy, Jim Brewer, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee, Muddy Waters, some more well-known artists and also their own written songs. By the name of Greyhound they played many gigs and even scored a record deal with Munich. For various reasons this record wasn't released at that time. Because of this, they even lost sight of each other for a while. Greyhound was on hold.

They both remained very active with performances in combination with other musicians. For example, Sjoerd did a supporting program for Marianne Faithfull in Carré. Klaas played at every noteworthy blues festival in the Netherlands, North Sea Jazz Festival, Ribs & Blues, Drijf-In Blues, etc.
When Sjoerd and Klaas met again after a long time, they decided to revive Greyhound. In 2013 they even went to The States because of their friendship and the love for blues, folk and jazz. During that trip they decided, 35 years later, to actually make that record of Greyhound. After their second trip to The States, they immediately went into the studio and recorded their postponed cd. What makes everything complete is that Continental Record Services will release their cd 'Double Sixty'.
Greyhound will therefore proudly launch their cd in Hedon on June 29th.


GREYHOUND - Double Sixty (NEW!!!)

DUTCH BLUES UNPLUGGED - No Less Than Wireless (V.A.)


GREYHOUND @ the library Almelo

Almelo, Sunday november 5th 2017: Gig of the blues duo Greyhound together with Johan Bijkerk jazz and bluesband at the library of Almelo. The blues duo members are Sjoerd Heijda and Klaas Vermeulen. This number "Chopie" is an arragement of Greyhound. More information:

Releaseparty @ Hedon Zwolle



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